Lake Reflections

Thank God for cotton candy skies.

My phone has a remarkable habit: taking grainy pictures of beautiful things.

Tread softly by the waters,

All who dare to enter

There’s a city in the shadows

Of the lake


Hush, hush, footfalls of mine

The clouds are sleeping tight

In their watery bed



Kneeling at the shore,

Skimming fingers over blue,

Baptism of the mind

Paradise in lieu


As I watch the ripples spread

I feel the hope arise

That I dream of crystal waters

And cotton candy skies



Personal Utopia


I’ve walked the streets of decades decadent,

While idyllic wonder on me bequeath,

Spied angst upon faces, lady and gent,

But felt an intimate joy underneath.


I’ve walked with the destitute of our world,

Small children’s feet stained with the dirt of life,

Yet seen the sun on their faces unfurled,

As they laughed through many a starless strife.


I’ve walked to the edge of the cliff and stared,

Down at a world of ephemeral kind,

The bittersweet breeze caught me unprepared,

As greatness tickled the back of my mind.


For every man or woman’s paradise,

Lies not in front, but behind their two eyes.