Waltz of the Mountains

This poem was written from Artist’s Point- 7,600 feet in the air!

Once upon a time, far far away, a Girl gazed down the slope at midday….

The trees became women donning green dresses,

To the tune of the wind- how they danced!

Sunlight filtered through their emerald tresses,

Upon a mountain masquerade had She chanced.

And as the Girl watched in quaint human wonder

The winding river joined in the song,

In the distance she heard rolling thunder

Or had it been there all along?

The primeval blue snake reared its head up and hissed

Its voice brought back memories unmade

Things she had never yet seen she now missed

As she watched the glimmering fade.

Flowery kisses blown by ladies of pine,

Petals drifting through crags of old,

Don’t worry, they sang her, sundown is still fine-

With every night a new story be told.

And so the Girl knew she had fallen in love

With rivers low and mountains steep,

Her eyes twinkled like the stars above

Smiling long after the sun went to sleep.

One by one, the soft padding of paws

Were assigned quiet, night-kissed fur faces

As her eyes traced their bright eyes to their jaws

They stole away to hidden places

Alas, night in nature is not the one that man knows,

For not dead is it, but very alive!

And this is the night that our little Girl chose,

So that her spirit may truly thrive.

For it is the night that gives, never takes,

That falls vast over fields and fountains.

And come the next day when the sun again wakes-

The eternal waltz of the mountains.