Because everyone craves social commentary like they crave a good burger.

Because everyone craves social commentary like they crave a good burger.

O glorious melted American cheese‚

of sharp cheddar taste that never fails to please

the taste palette of ignorant fools—

feed him a burger‚ see how he drools!


Scrumptious tomatoes drizzled with red‚

like blood over the faces of the dead

soldiers perished in the quest for war

who don’t have a clue what they’re fighting for!


Lettuce commence into the land of green‚

where icebergs float under seas‚ unforeseen

by the people who claim to be “eating organic”

when the state of their tummy is worse than Titanic.


On either side‚ a bun of bread round‚

speckles of white sesame abound‚

little bits of litter lying on the hot

street — something someone forgot!


But the heart of the situation lies in the middle‚

eponymous burger to this patriot’s riddle‚

sizzled to juicy‚ peppered perfection‚

so full of meat‚ so little direction.


Mei Nü

Mei Nü is the Chinese word for “beautiful woman” or “goddess”.

Her hair was always perfect

for she could outrun the wind,

she’d say her house was filled with gifts

that Mother Earth would send.


Bullets couldn’t catch her,

but insults sometimes would.

Beauty wouldn’t condemn her,

but society itself could.


And midnight thoughts sometimes do

see the light of day,

and though an act unspeakable,

it was better than the things they say—


And still do, over her grave,

over closed eyes and haunted face,

“Beautiful thing, she’ll forever be

to mankind a disgrace.”