Contented Contentions

Finding contentment is difficult in the 21st century.

poet =/= always speaker 

I am content, as content

as a contented man may be;

there’s too much of the world

for me to possibly see,

so as for the dreams

and the hapless seams

of life where they may tear

I have no such fear—

to live life in its entirety.


Don’t tell me what to do

or what pursuits to pursue;

I simply want to live and die

and to die having had the few

pleasures life will offer me,

the few sights my eyes will see,

knowing that they will shed

no tears for being dead.


I am content, as content

as an apathetic man may be;

Though pathetic I seem to those

pitiful fools who stare at me

with a confusion born of disparate

wants and needs, so desperate

to remedy the problem they think

is their mortality— but to drink

from the cup of life, to succeed,

one must its fallow terms accede!