Asha: Stories of Hope

I have decided to invite guest bloggers to post some lovely works here every month and I take pride in introducing you to my first guest blogger, Gloria!


WHEEL by Gloria

Literary Doodles



What civilizations froze that fated day,
a thousand miles of thought away,
when the wheel turned on the doomed creature
whose life sang of the god mentality?

I watched through the window as the people ran
from their homes screaming for blood
to wash away their sorrows and flood
their minds with something greater
than righteous grief – so brief
was the chaos that when I blinked,
serenity had returned to the world.

Blood will have blood, but who was it
that remembered the butterfly eons after
the philosophers told them that
there were more pressing matters to attend
to but all they really did was pretend
that life would go on?


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