Toussaint’s Overture

Toussaint L’ouverture‚ the leader of the Haitian Revolution of the 1790s‚ was betrayed by a “friend” and deported to a French jail. He died during this imprisonment‚ alone and in a foreign country.

Gone now were those passion-filled days,

When calm discourse fell victimized

To gunpowder shouts and rebellious craze

While battles raged for ideas unrealized…


Gone now were those young boys’ faces

Names and bodies forever to juggle

In his mind as they moved to greener places

Bless their brave souls– away from the struggle!


Now was the time of iron-clad bars,

Risen in front of him like a looming gate

That conceals a land of velvet-kissed stars

And pleasures, pleasures of the human state!


And he thought to himself, in the darkness of night,

Cursed is the world that lets the glorious fade,

The ones who before sang with war-seasoned might,

And now are on the edges of graves displayed.


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