Talitha Koum

"Taking the child by the hand, He said to her, “Talitha koum!”  Mark 5:41

“Taking the child by the hand, He said to her, “Talitha koum!”
Mark 5:41

God, I see a shadow in the dark expanse,

He’s been following close behind me all my life,

The creature in the corner of my eye

Paralyzes me. I’m falling forward into night,

And the darkness of the shadow realms steal

My consciousness, yet terror overwhelms.


What is it that by such turbulence overwhelms?

No answer is offered in this silent expanse

In which even the tiniest light shall steal

Away from this abyss apart from life.

I believe this is truly the eternal night,

With emptiness farther than seen by eye.


I see the other world still in my mind’s eye,

Floods of bittersweet memories overwhelm,

It is like a dream come in the middle of the night,

Colors and sounds and smells fill the dark expanse,

I’m trapped in the vignette of my former life,

And I remember all from me that Death shall steal.


As he draws close, a glimpse of him I steal,

Clad in black with dark delight in each eye,

With a whisper he will consume my life,

But by blinding white suddenly he’s overwhelmed!

There are two words spoken into this expanse,

Two words that instantaneously dispel the night.


I awake in the day that follows closely night,

My soul is no longer Death’s to steal,

And the shadows flee across the expanse,

Which slowly falls blurred from my opened eye.

With resurrecting power his honey voice overwhelms;

In me the Lord has breathed a second life.


For He who has saved me, I shall dedicate my life

Through song and praise and tears, both day and night,

And years later my heart will still tremble overwhelmed.

Away from Death by those two words I did steal,

So never could I forget the love in those eyes,

I saw when I first awoke from the dark expanse.


What is there that overwhelms more than eternal life?

Not the endless expanse we associate with life’s night,

But to steal a glimpse of what lies in His eye.


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